Ziga Innovation Public Co., Ltd., formerly known as Daiwa Industry Co., Ltd., is the US standard conduit and equipment operating electrical system business for over 18 years.  Incorporated in 1998 with initial registered capital of 1 million Baht, the Company was awarded the US Standard - Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and started export in 2006.  In the same year, the Company constructed additional building and factory to expand production capacity.  The Company grows with code of ethics and business conduct with customers in terms of safety standard for electrical conduit and equipment for high rise buildings, trusted by major projects in Thailand and foreign countries. In 2010, the Company vertically expanded business to galvanized steel manufacturing for general structure works starting from galvanized metal sheet to air conditioning parts.  Subsequently, the Company extended product line in multi-purpose structural pipe, sphere shape, under the brand ZIGA positioning as substitute product for rust-proof pipe.  The galvanized steel is the auto graded steel offering rust protection and fine surface and, therefore, meet requirements of users evidenced by significant growth.  In 2012, the Company was awarded Thailand Trusted Mark and increased registered capital to 30 million Baht.  In 2015, registered capital was increase to 180 million Baht and 260 million Baht respectively before being listed as a public company in 2016.