Infrastructure expansion, public utility, communication, transportation system and construction industry require steel production as part of electrical and structural works.  Moreover, steel applies to a variety of daily uses such as furniture, fence, greenhouse and etc. Value added creation with innovation, technology development in electrical conduit for world-class safety standard, galvanized steel or rust-proof zinc coated steel to eliminate corrosion protection process and R&D adding value by extending steel structure to modular construction formulate concept for Ziga Innovation Public Co., Ltd. to develop further innovation of galvanized steel serving specific demand including power system, general structure and construction system that relies more on innovative fabrication to enter the decade of aging society and labor shortage situation. Ziga Innovation Public Co., Ltd. employs IT innovation including business intelligence and ERP to improve supply chain and resources management in response to market dynamics on a timely basis, drive the learning organization towards innovative organization and encourage personnel to utilize IT for human resources planning to connect to the world with changing context and enhance organization.